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Net guns are perfect tools for catching wounded, as well as dangerous animals.
Whether you want to rescue and relocate feral cats, wounded animals, wild birds or vicious dogs, net guns can be the perfect solution. This tool has become immensely popular and is used widely all over the world because of its simple and convenient application and easy accessibility in the market as well.

Capturing wild animals has become easier thanks to the Net Gun.

With the application of the net guns, capturing wounded or fierce animals and birds of almost all species has become much easier and much less dangerous. It is safe and reliable, and of course keeps you and your employees out of harms way, so it is considered the best option when it comes to small and medium sized animal rescue.

Why is net gun considered the premier animal catching tool?

  • You are able to catch the animals from a safe distance that keeps you protected from bites, scratches, and diseases etc.
    When you are not able to rescue the wounded animal with the conventional and traditional methods, the net gun can be very effective in rescuing hurt or wounded animals.
  • It is absolutely safe and reliable to apply because it doesn’t cause any harm to the property or affect the lives of other animals.
  • They are long lasting and durable which means that they can be used for years to come.
  • The nets that are supplied are also reusable, meaning they can be used multiple times without wear and tear.
  • The 16 gram CO2 cartridges that are used to power the tool are budget friendly and easily available everywhere in the world.

Obviously, there are lots of reason that makes the net gun the perfect tool for the capturing or catching or wounded, fierce or wild animals and birds. (And to be honest, it’s kinda fun too!)

What are the features of net guns that make them so special and extraordinary?

  • The nets are made from a high tensile nylon making them extra strong and rugged to capture all kinds of animals.
  • The nets are reusable and can last for years.
  • Because they come equipped with four firing heads they are ready for use.
  • The metal carrying case not only looks appealing and attractive but it also keeps your equipment and accessories safe and protected during transport.
  • The whole kit only weighs about 11 lbs so it is easy and convenient for traveling.

Net guns are affordable, easy to use, and durable.

If you’re tired of chasing dogs and trying to sneak up on cats, grab a net gun today and make your job easier and safer!

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