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Over the last several months, we have discovered that more and more people are using Net Guns to protect themselves and their property from illegal flying drones.

Helicopter drones have been used illegally by the paparazzi to film and distribute footage of celebrity weddings, private and personal property, as well as major sporting events like golf and tennis tournaments. Net Guns are a great defense against these illegal helicopter drones.

You don’t need to have any special license to own it which was once required in the earlier times. You are free to purchase it and use it even you don’t work for a government agency.

This is not a firearm
The Net gun is not a firearm and is classified as a legal tool that is used widely by the people all across the globe. The best thing about the net guns is that it is legal and can be used and owned by anyone without any restrictions. It will not permanently destroy or harm the helicopter drones and will also not hamper or cause damage to private property. It is safe, reliable and effective and operates on the 16g CO2 Cartridges that are easily and readily available.

They have proven to be very effective
The applications of the net gun today is not just limited to the capturing of animals but are also used for security purposes like capturing a fleeing suspect or catching the shoplifters. The captives won’t be able to go further once a huge net gets trapped around them. Such applications have proven to be extremely effective and helpful for the people. In fact the helicopter drones with high end cameras are the perfect example.

They are worth the investment
Net Guns are safe, durable and will last for years. Take a look at our selection and pick the unit that suits you best.

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