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Buy a Net Gun like Rob and Big

Checkout the Net Guns Featured on MTV’s Hit Show Rob and Big. Even though we don’t condone using the Net Guns as a toy, the Rob and Big television show was able to introduce the net gun to the masses. The video clip above from YouTube is the segment from the show that features the Net Gun.

Jul 01, 2018

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Bounty Hunters and Police Are Now Using Our Net Guns

Non Lethal Net Gun is perfect for Bounty Hunters and Crowd Control As a Bounty Hunter we know that certain rules and restrictions apply when going after the criminal.In most cases we need to use Non-lethal means of taking the target out. But sometimes we just can’t get close enough for our tasers. That’s where the hand held Net Gun comes in.The Net Gun is the perfect non-lethal weapon when it comes to bounty hunting. In fact the Net Gun was originally created for use in in riot control and criminal capture situations. About the size of a large flashlight,...

Jun 20, 2018

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Net Gun Firing Distance

  One of the most common questions we get at is “Just how far do the nets fly once launched?” They actually fly pretty far. On average (you’d have to factor wind in some scenarios) but they usually land right at 45 feet away from where you fired it from. I usually recommend to stand about 15 feet away from the target if possible. You can go a little further than that if needed, but I like 15 feet because it gives the net the chance to open wide and keeps a strong trajectory. 15 feet gives you plenty of room...

Jun 05, 2018

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Net Guns for Drone Defense

Over the last several months, we have discovered that more and more people are using Net Guns to protect themselves and their property from illegal flying drones. Helicopter drones have been used illegally by the paparazzi to film and distribute footage of celebrity weddings, private and personal property, as well as major sporting events like golf and tennis tournaments. Net Guns are a great defense against these illegal helicopter drones. You don’t need to have any special license to own it which was once required in the earlier times. You are free to purchase it and use it even you...

Apr 10, 2018

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Net Guns for Dangerous or Feral Dogs

Why the Net Gun is a Necessity in Handling Dogs: Animal control is one of the challenges that people face with aggressive animals. This is the reason behind invention of devices (such as the net gun) that enable animal control experts to capture these dangerous animals. In essence, without capturing these animals people face the risk of bites, scratches, maiming, and even serious or deadly diseases. One of the most commonly caught animals are dogs. Over the years the feral dog population has grown astronomically. In many areas, something must be done to get these often dangerous animals off the street...

Dec 05, 2017

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