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Below you will find instructions, owners manual and troubleshooting tips for your Net Gun. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or online contact form with any additional questions or concerns.

 Net Gun firing instructions:

  1. Remove the back cap.

  2. Insert the 16 gram cartridge into the handle like in the picture to the right.

3. Screw the cap back on, but stop just before the white ring. This is the “standby firing position” and the gas has not been released into the handle. Keep your net gun in this position until  you are ready to use it. The net gun is NOT charged at this point.

4. When you are ready to fire your net launcher turn the back cap  to completely cover the white ring. The gas will be released into the handle. You may not hear a sound but the handle will become cool.

5. Next turn the trigger to the ON position.
Now you are ready to fire.  Simply aim the net gun at your target and press the gold button. The net will then launch.

To fire again turn the trigger switch to off, remove the net head, reset the trigger, place another net head in place and remove the used CO2 cartridge and replace with a new 16 gram cartridge.

Warning – once the net gun has been charged never attempt to remove the base cap or remove the cartridge. The net gun must be discharged (fired) first.

We suggest you do not “charge” the net gun until it is time to use the launcher.

Net Gun firing tips:

  1. Do not puncture the CO2 cartridge until you are ready to fire the net gun. Puncturing the CO2 and then carrying it around for several minutes can cause the shot to not be as powerful, and can sometimes cause damage to the inside of the net gun.
  2. If you feel as though the CO2 cartridge is not being punctured properly, try adding a penny to the bottom of the end cap. This will elevate the CO2 cartridge a little, and allow for a better piercing.
  3. From time to time, if you press the firing button, but it seems like nothing is happening, try unscrewing the bottom cap by about a quarter turn. This will allow the CO2 gas to be released more easily, and should allow the net gun to fire properly.

Reload instructions:

  1. Simply lay the used net flat on the ground.
  2. Pinch the net in the middle and pull up, pulling the net together, with ends of the net dangling toward the ground.
  3. Keep the net weights separate and place them in the corresponding holes.

Follow the picture below:


Between shootings you will want to make sure the “release valve” or “baffle plate” is in the correct position.

If your net gun has fired and the net seems to just barely fall out of the end of the net gun, this is the solution:

Make sure the black pillar, (pic 1.) is out to stop the baffle plate. (pic 2.) -(watch the video below)

(Make sure the switch is in the OFF position)

If the black pillar is out to block the baffle plate, then check the bottom of the section, where you will see the black rubber plug (pic 3.) The function of the plug is to stop the gas from leaking before shooting.

Turn the switch to the off position, then connect to the gas container, take out the back cap to insert the cartridge, you are then ready to rock n’ roll!

Download Net Gun user manual (PDF)

Troubleshooting Video


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