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Non Lethal Net Gun is perfect for Bounty Hunters and Crowd Control

As a Bounty Hunter we know that certain rules and restrictions apply when going after the criminal.
In most cases we need to use Non-lethal means of taking the target out. But sometimes we just can’t get close enough for our tasers.

That’s where the hand held Net Gun comes in.
The Net Gun is the perfect non-lethal weapon when it comes to bounty hunting.

In fact the Net Gun was originally created for use in in riot control and criminal capture situations.

About the size of a large flashlight, the Net Gun can be kept in your vehicle until time of use or even strapped around your waist.
As you’ll see in all the specs on the Order Page, the Net Gun flies far enough to capture your target from a safe distance.

We definitely recommend using our large, 5 inch mesh nets for our bounty hunters.
The mesh is just the right size to entangle a criminal’s legs and arms as they try to run from you. Tripping them up and leaving them on the ground, ready to be restrained.

Police officers, sheriff’s offices, Canadian mounties and Bounty Hunter outfits have been ordering from us for years now.

We often get requests for larger orders from these agencies so that the entire staff will always have a Net Gun ready to go in their time of need.

So take a look around and grab a Net Gun (or two!) for your company today! (Special discounts when you order 3 or more of the Hero or Mega Pack)

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