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What mesh size should I chose for my Net Gun?

You’ll want to select a mesh size that will work best for you, based off the size of your intended target.

  • Small mesh nets: Small birds and rodents
  • Medium mesh nets: (Most popular) These will work for most animals – dogs, cats, geese, water fowl, etc
  • Large mesh nets: Hogs, small deer, calves, humans.

You will simply select the size you would like at check out.

If you want to mix and match sizes, select a size during checkout, but then specify in the “buyer’s notes” how many of each size you would like.

Can I use my Credit Card to purchase or do I need a Paypal account?

You can pay with any credit card. Simply go to the checkout area, click near the bottom where it says, “Pay with a Debit or Credit Card or Bill Me Later.”

What all comes with my Net Gun?

Our Net Guns include different items and accessories depending on the gun you are purchasing. Checkout a detailed list of the item included in the product descriptions tab under each gun on our shop page.

What powers the Net Gun?

16 Gram CO2 Cartridges (must be purchased separately) They are easy to use and inexpensive. Additional cartridges can be purchased on our website.

Are the nets reusable?

Yes! But it takes some time to reload the nets, due to tangling issues after they have been used. We sale additional pre-loaded net heads for customers looking to save some time and element the hassle. You can purchase additional Pre-loaded net heads on our website.

How do I reload my Net Gun?

Check out the instructions page. Nice and simple.

Where is located? is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship Worldwide. Please email us first in case there are any extra steps we need to take to ship to your country. Please allow 2-3 weeks for international shipping. 

Do you handle large orders?

Yes! We can handle orders of any size. We have supplied entire Animal Control companies (With a staffs of 30-100 employees) Equipping their entire staff with their own net guns. Email us the amounts you would like for discounted bulk pricing for large purchases

When will I get my Net Gun?

Normally your Net Gun will arrive in (7-9) business days. Some locations can take between 2-3 Weeks.

Can I overnight my Net Gun for animal catching emergencies?

Please email us in advance and we will let you know if it is possible. CO2 cartridges cannot be overnighted. 

What is your return policy on the Net Gun?

Only if you can provide proof that the Net Gun is defective on arrival. Upon arrival, inspect your product, if you notice anything unusual (you shouldn’t…) email us, and we will get you taken care of immediately. There are not very many moving parts, so this should not be an issue.

Are you responsible for what I do with my Net Gun?

No we are NOT responsible for what you do with your product. Purchasing this gun means you accept full responsibility and liability, of the Net Gun and the decisions you make with it. The Net Gun is “NOT” a toy. Please use CAUTION and be safe.

If you additional questions please feel free to contact us by phone 1-888-729-2013

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