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Why is the Net Gun the perfect animal catching tool for you?

 ✔️The Net Gun fires up to 35 feet! This means it is now extremely easy to safely (and humanely) capture your target without risking bites, scratches or disease.

 ✔️We are the World's NUMBER ONE Net Gun Supplier for the past 8 years. 

 ✔️Our Net Guns are currently helping hundreds of Animal Control officers, animal rescue volunteers, Police Officers and security guards all around the globe.  

 ✔️Ease of use, our Net Guns are responsible for THOUSANDS of safely rescued dogs, cats, geese, ducks, fawns and many more animals...

 ✔️Now you can finally capture feral animals at a safe distance, keeping you safe from bites, scratches, and diseases.

 ✔️ Humanely rescue animals who have been hurt or wounded that you may not be able to access with conventional rescue tools.

 ✔️Works great for containing birds such as geese and other hard to catch animals.

 ✔️The nets are reusable, so make the one time investment and you will have the best animal capture device for years to come.

 ✔️Powered by inexpensive 16 gram CO2 cartridges you can purchase nearly anywhere.

 ✔️No licenses of any kind are required to operate the Net Gun.

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